Registration of a limited liability company or SARL (following an acquisition)

Before you register your company with the Trade and Companies Register (RCS), certain steps must be completed. Supporting documents will be required in order to complete your registration file.

The completed file allowing for registration of a limited liability company (including in the case of a sole partner SARL - EURL) to the RCS must be filed either

  • at the competent Commercial Formality Centre (CFE); or
  • directly at the registry office of the commercial courtin application of Article R. 123-5 of the Code of Commerce (procedure known as "Article 3" of Decree No. 96-650 of 19 July 1996).

in detail


The Certigreffe electronic certificates act as electronic identity cards, in the form of USB flash drives, and are useful for all your formalities.
The registrar of the Commercial court, a civil servant and ministerial officer, verifies the requester's identity and guarantees the quality of the certificate issued. CertEurope operates Infogreffe's certification services.
Certigreffe contains the surname, first name, email address of the holder as well as the SIREN [registration] number and company name.
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